Warming, comforting and so delicious, I love oatmeal. It can be made into so many different flavors, and in different forms.

- Apples - Butter - Milk - Rolled Oats - Maple Syrup Cinnamon - Nutmeg - Ground cloves


Chop apples into bite sized pieces.

Get started!

Butter the bottom and sides of the Instant Pot Liner

Combine all ingredients into the Instant Pot Liner, add the lid.

What's next?


Make sure valve is set to "sealing" and use the multigrain button. Set for 6 minutes.

Release pressure quickly, stir, and serve hot.

Absolutely! Simply swap out the milk for almond milk, or coconut milk for a dairy free oatmeal. If you need gluten free, be sure that your oats are certified gluten free.

Can I make this dairy free?

YES! This is the perfect meal prep type breakfast. 

Can I get this ready the night before?