Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

Have you ever wanted to make your family breakfast, but you didn't want to put much effort in it? This slow cooker breakfast casserole is not only delicious, it's so easy to make! You'll LOVE how simple this casserole is.

You simply put the ingredients in the slow cooker and then enjoy in a few hours! This slow cooker casserole works well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best part is that it is mainly hands off, giving you more time to enjoy your morning!

You can also make this an overnight breakfast casserole. Simply put the ingredients into your crock pot liner, and bake in the morning.

Ingredients Needed:

Turkey Sausage Onion Bell pepperCheeseHash brown potatoesEggsHeavy cream Turkey BaconSalt and Pepper 

Make it food storage friendly:

– Use dehydrated onion and green or red peppers. – Swap out the frozen hash browns for re-hydrated instant hash browns from the pantry. – Try freeze dried eggs for this easy egg casserole.