Easy Homemade Banana Bread

Naturally moist and delicious, this is the LAST recipe for banana bread you will ever need! Need dairy free? No problem here!

When my kids were younger, our budget was super tight. Everything had to be used, especially in the kitchen. NO waste could happen.

Since wasting food wasn't an option if we were going to stay on budget, we had to be resourceful with our fruit. For some reason, my kids went through cycles with fruit. Especially bananas.

I still can't figure out why, but there were weeks that they would eat every single banana we bought in the first 2 days after going to the store.

Subsequent weeks, they would ignore them like they were the plague, until dark brown bananas were all over the counter.

Those bananas would be tucked away safely in freezer bags, skin and all, waiting for their turn to be recreated into something wonderful. Like this homemade banana bread.


– Ripe bananas – Vanilla extract – Eggs – Butter, or coconut oil – All purpose flour – Brown sugar – Salt – Baking powder – Ground cinnamon


Easy To Make No Waste of Fruit Food Storage Friendly Dairy Free Option Delicious Perfect for Snacking