Homemade Peppermint Mocha

Enjoy the minty fresh flavors of this decadent, rich, peppermint mocha any time of year!

What is it about a hot cup of our favorite beverage that makes everything seem okay again?

Maybe it's the soothing heat as it glides down your throat, or the warming aroma that swirls around your nose. Whatever it is, the feeling is just this side of perfection.

Off to the kitchen to create a fancy coffee just like our favorite starbucks drink that would taste just as good as the coffee shops, but be much easier on the budget. This peppermint mocha is so good!

Ingredients you need:

– Fresh brewed coffee – Cocoa powder – Granulated sugar – Peppermint extract – Whipped cream to top

How can I make this low carb?

Simply substitute the granulated sugar for equal amounts of erythritol. If you would like this to be dairy free, simply swap out the whipped cream for coconut whipped cream or leave it off.

What if I don't like coffee?

If you are wanting to avid coffee, you could use coffee substitutes. Here are some ideas if you want to avoid caffeine. – Chicory Root – Tecchino – Dandy Blend