Food Pantry Par Levels

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘up to par?’ Most restaurants use the par level method on items they use regularly, and when it comes to ordering, they follow that.

This way, there isn’t too much, or too little of their food items on hand. This is referred to as “inventory par levels” After 20 years of working in restaurants, I adapted this to work in my home pantry.

Perhaps you’re wondering what the par level method even is?

Simply put, it’s making sure that your pantry never runs too low on a particular food item that you use on a weekly basis.

The par level method involves finding out what your family consumes on a particular food item each month and then following up with stocking your pantry staples to reach those levels.

How This Works


This will help you save money. By shopping for basic staples, and keeping what you use on hand, you will have less waste. Once a month shopping also means less trips to the store, and less money out of pocket.

Are you ready to stock your pantry? 

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