Southern Cornbread Recipe

There's nothing quite like a slice of hot, fresh, cornbread. It goes with just about everything from chili and soup, to scrambled eggs for breakfast. 

There is quite a controversy about cornbread in the South. Do you add sugar or not?

My hubby grew up in the south, but the rest of us are Yankee transplants. This explains why we are on "team sweet" when it comes to cornbread. 

Sweet or Not?

Are you on "Team Sweet" or "Team Salty"? When it comes to cornbread?


– Cornmeal – All purpose flour – Granulated sugar – Salt – Baking powder – Baking soda – Buttermilk – Eggs – Butter – Honey (optional) – Butter for top (optional)

What Kind of Pan Should I Use?

You can use just about any 9x13 pan for this, but I much prefer the taste of cornbread made in a well seasoned cast iron skillet.