What Are The Best Foods To Store Long Term? 

I believe every family should store foods for an emergency, be it weather related, job loss, or other disaster. 

But, what are the best foods to store long term? How do you store your long term food storage safely?

If you are just starting out with getting ready for a disaster, there can be so much confusing information on what to store, how to store it, and how long you should store it for.  Let me help you clear up some of that confusion.

Foods To Store:

rice -beans -vegetables -canned meat -peanut butter and many more ideas


When packaged in mylar bags and food-grade buckets, white rice can be stored for 20-30 years.


Canned beans are good for 2-3 years, and some have said they have eaten them beyond the “best by” date as well. Dry beans will store for up to 30 years, in a mylar bag and bucket.


Pasta is typically good for 12-18 months in the original packaging. Some people repackage that into vacuumed sealed bags for longer storage.

Why do I want to store food?

Peace of Mind Money Savings Well-Fed Family and more!